New album ‘Terminal Current’ available for pre-order now

Second album from The Ravenna Colt’s on the way! ‘Terminal Current’ will be released February 10th 2015.

Pre-order at Pledgemusic to hear the music first & get access to demos, exclusive video, and more!

VIDEO: That Day At Point Reyes – Garage Session

Slight Spell

‘Slight Spell’  is available at Removador Recordings And Solutions as a download. CDs can be purchased at an indie retailer near you. Available on Vinyl at Saki. Please support your local record mom and pop record stores! All merch is Available at live performances as well.

Buy ‘Slight Spell’ here:
Digital: Removador
CD: Karate Body | Saki
Vinyl: Saki

Check out all The Ravenna Colt tour dates here:

VIDEO: If Josie Wails Can Fail

VIDEO: South Of Ohio