The Almost Tweetable Bio

The Ravenna Colt is the alias of Kentucky born musician Johnny Quaid. The Ravenna Colt creates dreamlike americana sounds that range from folk to rock while maintaining a cosmic connection. With a collective like structure, Quaid is joined by musicians and artists that help create his vision of stories and soundscapes as told from the eyes and ears of a carpenter and troubadour.

The Gratuitous Bio

In 1998, Quaid joined Jim James on a project that would change their lives – My Morning Jacket. The group worked feverishly touring and recording and has not slowed down since. Quaid lends his guitar licks and engineering style to the first three albums, The Tennessee Fire, At Dawn and It Still Moves, as well as a barrage of EPs and singles.

Quaid departed from the group amicably at the start of 2004. He left his native Kentucky, headed west to California and worked as a carpenter while keeping a writer’s pen at hand. After moving back east to Tennessee, Quaid released The Ravenna Colt’s debut album Slight Spell in 2010.

A move to the Pacific Northwest, Johnny now resides in Boise, ID where he recorded his newest album.

February 2015, the release of The Ravenna Colt’s second album Terminal Current is released on Removador/Karate Body Records. Jared Goodpastor, Brent Stewart, Tom Blankenship, Daniel Mohler, Kevin Ratterman, Bernie Reilly, Phil Carlson, Carl Broemel, Dave Givan, Dan Chadney, Huge Will Hughes, and Jeff Cochran are the team that makes the records and live shows happen.